The verdict isn’t out on the entirety of the new Gilmore Girls, but I think we can all agree that Rory really sucks. Like, really really sucks. Despite this, she all of us. Lorelai is all of us. Emily is all of us. Hell, Luke is all of us. The one thing Gilmore Girls does really well is capitalize on moments we’ve all felt/will most likely feel. They reassure us that we aren’t alone and our experiences are human experiences. While there were plenty of these moments to choose from, here are my top picks:

“Nobody gets to have everything they want in life. All in all, I think I did pretty good.”

Forever grounded in sound and sturdy logic, Luke schools us on a truth we often forget. Sometimes we find ourselves so wrapped up in trying to get everything we’ve ever wanted that we have a hard time accepting the great things we currently have. Contentedness might not be so bad after all.

“So that’s it, we’re breaking up. Except we can’t break up, because we were nothing.”

We’ve all been there. Either by making terrible life choices with a previous love or just dealing with the uncertainty of a relationship without boundaries, endings are always hard to accept. Knowing that your emotions have been duped by the stipulations you set yourself (hello, no strings attached) only makes the faux breakup that much harder because you feel you don’t have a right to be upset.

“I’m blowing everything – my life, my career. I don’t have a plan, or a list or a clue.”

There have been moments for all of us where nothing appears to be going right. We’re fraught with uncertainty; everything we thought we knew has seemingly vanished before our eyes. The clear life path we set out on has taken a detour. We’ve felt like we failed, haven’t lived up to anyone’s or our own expectations and have no idea what to do next. It’s awful, but we keep going and get through it anyways.

“Look, if I open this up I’ll never get it repacked again!”

All of us. Every time we go anywhere, ever.

“This is a rut. It’s temporary.”

Ruts are a real thing, people. We’ve all been in them. The problem is, when you’re in one it seems impossible to get out of. Whether it’s with our health, career, relationships or social life, they sneak in without a sound and before you know it, you haven’t worn anything but stretchy pants for three months. Thankfully, you usually have a hoard of people around you who force you to snap out of it. And you will…eventually.

“I’m feeling fear and loneliness and…heartache.”

Paris freaking out in the bathroom was probably one of the most authentic scenes in the season. It’s also both comforting and sad to know that no matter how intelligent and accomplished you are, you can be made to feel small over lack of attention from a boy. Heartbreak is a universal experience and it can get to you no matter how many walls you build.