Dear Readers,

It brings me much joy to share with you that Shedoesthecity has been acquired by Touchwood PR.

I have had the pleasure of working with Andréa Grau and team for over a decade, and I cannot think of a company in Toronto that is more aligned with our values, interests, and vision. 

Under Andréa’s leadership, I will continue on as Editor-in-Chief, and you can expect the same kind of content that we’ve always prioritized, but with an even heavier focus on arts & culture—an area we’re deeply passionate about and what Touchwood is best known to champion.

With the pandemic having seriously impacted the industry, from forced theatre closures to the cancellation of all live-audience events, Canadian arts & entertainment is in a state of ongoing recovery and reinvention. Recovery, as a theme, has always been close to our heart, and something I have explored extensively in my own journey. In 2021 and the years ahead, we will focus considerable attention to the recovery of the arts, as well as examining how the arts help us recover. We’ve always been big believers in the power of storytelling, as a means to heal, transform, and pave the way for positive change.

How can literature, film, art, music, and theatre lead the way to a brighter future? This is the question that will drive our content. We want to also celebrate the storytellers, and play a role in supporting and promoting Canadian arts and culture as a whole. 

When I think back to how Shedoesthecity started in 2007, it’s wild to contemplate just how many chapters we’ve lived through. I was 27 when we launched, and was both desperate and excited to create a space for young women to share their thoughts freely, in a way that felt honest and not sweetened or polished. The internet felt new, and full of possibility; in a sense, it still feels that way. 

We experimented with our voices, we stormed the city in search of cool happenings, and dared to share our personal struggles too. Lessons were learned. Mistakes were made. We’ve grown up with the site, and it’s grown up with us. 

Since the beginning, we’ve been a place where many writers got their first byline. I love this part of our story, and it’s been such a privilege to witness contributors develop their voice, gain confidence, and move on to other publications or creative projects. To ensure that this is part of our story moving forward, we’ve established a Writers Fund. The $10,000 New Voices Fund will be allocated to emerging writers, particularly from underrepresented communities, who have never been published or have less than 20 bylines to their name. This fund is open to women, transgender, non-binary, and genderqueer writers of all ages, because we believe that life should be full of twists and turns, and that you can try new things or reinvent yourself at any time.

Whether you’ve been around since the beginning, or discovered us more recently, we want to thank you—I want to thank you. Shedoesthecity wouldn’t still be here if not for YOU. Your support is invaluable, and you are the life force that allows us to keep going, after all these years. 

To those of you joining us now, welcome! We hope to introduce you to new people, perspectives and ideas that will inspire you, and get you thinking in different directions. We also hope to always feel like a warm and welcoming space that provides you with a sense and feeling of community and connection. And do we ever look forward to the day we can meet in person again! There are many vibrant live events to be enjoyed in the future, especially now that we’ve moved in with Touchwood PR! 

Thank you. Onwards.