The Big Sex Talk is a groundbreaking 6-part documentary series arriving to CBC Gem on March 18, and it’s loaded with steamy and fascinating ideas and themes. We’ve seen it, we love it, and it inspired us to devote an entire week to exploring the question: how has sex changed?

For the week of March 21, we invite you to Sex Week: five days of juicy conversations with a variety of sex and relationship experts and everyday Canadians who have a lot to say about sex. Hosted by Shedoesthecity’s Editor-in-Chief Jen McNeely, the conversations will take place daily on Shedoesthecity’s Instagram feed (see schedule below).

We’ll be talking about the effects of porn consumption on young people, how dating apps and technology have impacted sex, fluctuations with libido, as well as addressing the beautifully diverse spectrum of sexual identities. We also want to examine how different generations first learned about sex, and how that has shaped their sex lives. 

The first of our talks will kick off on Monday, March 21st at 9pm with intimacy expert and sexologist Shan Boodram, who is also the endearing narrator of The Big Sex Talk. Other confirmed guests include Carlyle Jensen, founder of Good For Her; Kate Sloan, author of 101 Kinky Things; comedian Salma Hindy, and photographer and poet Tenille K. Campbell

In addition to our fabulous guests, we’ve also partnered with some very cool and sexy brands, including JEMS Condoms, Dame vibrators, and Fortnight Lingerie. Each day we will be giving away some prizes to followers who tune in, including a private sex and love tarot reading with Toronto tarot reader Kait Fowlie. We’re also thrilled to have Another Story Bookshop and Glad Day Bookshop join as community partners.

Sex Week Schedule

Monday March 21: IG live with Shan Boodram, Intimacy Expert, Sexologist, and Narrator of #BigSexTalkCBC – 9PM ET

Tuesday March 22: IG live with Comedian Salma Hindy – 1PM ET (MOVED TO NOON ON WEDNESDAY)

Wednesday March 23: IG live with Carlyle Jensen, Founder of Good For Her – 9PM ET

Thursday March 24: IG live with Kate Sloan, Author of 101 Kinky Things – 7PM ET

Friday, March 25: IG live with Tenille K. Campbell, Author of Indian Love Poems and Nedi Nezu – 7PM ET

Shan Boodram, Narrator of The Big Sex Talk

Watch The Big Sex Talk on CBC Gem, and join the conversation next week! 

Episode 1: “Mono-poly

If monogamy isn’t for everyone, why do we act as if it is? This episode re-examines monogamy, unpacks the jealousy question, and dives into polyamory and other forms of consensual non-monogamy.

Episode 2: “Not Having It”

Sex is everywhere, but is it essential for a “happy” life? This episode asks what it means to be asexual in a hypersexualized world, rethinks pleasure, and finds out if cake is better than sex.

Episode 3: “Click, Swipe, Love

Is technology ruining our sex lives, or are we getting off with a little tech support? From dating apps to sex robots to VR porn, this episode examines the intersection of sex, tech, and humanity.

Episode 4: “Beyond The Binary”

Gender and sexuality are so interwoven, it’s hard to know where one ends and the other begins. This episode explores our ideas of gender, sexuality, and the possibilities beyond the gender binary.

Episode 5: “The Best Is Yet To Come”

Do we have a “sexpiration” date or do boomers have lots of boom boom left? Research says that sex improves with age: if we rethink sex and pleasure, no matter how old we are, the best is yet to come.

Episode 6: “Status Queer”

Queer is being used more and more these days, but not everyone knows what it is. This episode unpacks what being queer truly means, and how “Q” fits into the ever-growing acronym that is LGBTQIP2SAA+.

All episodes will be available to watch on CBC Gem starting March 18. Watch the trailer now.