We needed to find out ASAP how Emma Hill likes her eggs, so we got in touch with her while on the highway to Portland, the very first evening of her tour!

Describe your sound in five words
Lyrically focused folk sweetheart americana.

Describe for me the best show you’ve ever played
Our CD release show for our last album.  We played a big release show a Tower Theatre in Bend, Oregon, for a very large attentive, excited audience.  One of those really special nights.  It was pretty magical.nn

What’s the absolute best reaction you could get to your music?
I’ve had a couple of different people come up to me to say, “The whole time you were playing I was trying to figure out who you reminded me of and it turns out it was no one”.  That’s pretty complimentary.

If you could score a film, which film would you choose?  (Or… make one up).
Oh, that’s really hard!  I think I’d rather be part of the scoring for a film like O Brother Where Art Thou, or Crazy Heart.  To have been on scene and part of that process.

Which five cities would you include in a fantasy tour?
Berlin, Tokyo, New Orleans, the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, and Paia, at Willie Nelson’s bar.

Strawberry Fields or Penny Lane?
Strawberry Fields.

How do you take your eggs?
Over medium unless I’m having a killer vegetable scramble.  They can’t just be scrambled, gotta be a hash, gotta be fried- yolks still runny.

What is your ideal rainy day activity?
A two hour massage, watch fried green tomatoes for the millionth time and have a big pot of soup at home with someone I care about.

What is your favourite childhood television series?
Mr. Rogers mostly for the fantasy land and sandbox time.  And the video painting part.

What’s your best concert(-going) experience?
I’ve seen a lot of good stuff, but recently watched Langhorne Slim and he dominates the stage.  I haven’t seen a live performance quite like that in a long time.

Where is your favourite place to sing?
I do most of my singing in bed.  In my bed.  And by my bed I mean whatever bed I’m currently in because i don’t have a home.

You have $1000 and ten minutes to spend it.  What do you do?
I’m usually such a cheap-ass.  I’d immediately get a ticket to Maui and a cottage for a couple of nights and do a kayak/snorkle trip.

What was the last song you listened to?
I don’t know the song’s name, but I was listening to Lucinda Williams‘ new album, I dig it.




~ Annie Webber