As a brunette, to attend Legally Blonde: The Musical, I obviously needed Legally Blonde: The Friend. With my flaxen haired compadre in tow, we counted the ratio of brown to blonde in the lobby of the Princess of Wales as the warning bells dinged for us to get to our seats. Entering the theatre, a pink curtain emblazoned with a glowing silver Delta Nu Tiffany bracelet shielded the stage from view. Then the curtain rises on a squealing crew of sweatsuited sorority girls, ready to bend and snap their way into your hearts.

The musical, which follows the plot of the movie closely but puts a few unique spins on the story, is a fantastic and entertaining good time. The perfect pre-cursor to a Bachelorette extravaganza, or a law school send off, the musical is full of great performances, catchy songs (you’ll be singing the Oh My God one for a week, I swear), and enough old-school theatre chops to entertain any audience member. Some moments actually feel extremely old school, hearkening back to vintage Broadway traditions, just with more…pink. The sets are inspired, the cast is full of energy, and you’ll leave the theatre with a great big grin on your face. There are definitely some surprises along the way, and the show is devoid of the slow moments that weigh some musicals down. Our only complaint? The costumes, which looked dated, and led to a curtain call wardrobe malfunction visible to all in the orchestra. A minor quarrel with an otherwise fantastic production. Oh, and did we mention it includes two very real, and very adorable, puppy performers?

Calling all you Elle Woods Wannabes! Bring your baby Bruiser (that is to say, your puppy) by the Princess of Wales Theatre, 300 King St. W., on Saturday, July 10th, at 11 am, and you can pick up orchestra seats to the Sunday evening show for only $20!