A Sequins of Events at MTL Fashion Week: Barilà 2010/2011

By Kortney Shapiro

Cue the operatic glam rock! Where was Freddy Mercury as Barilà models conquered the runway during MFW, proving that toned-down minimalism was to be reckoned with in the 2010/2011 Fall/Winter collections?! “Glam, glitz and grunge” is the perfect alliteration to describe the collection. Kurt Cobain babes padded down the runway in heavy black eye makeup, combat boots, and teased bouffants. Saying, “yes!” to leather shorts and lacquered blazers, the collection was a delicious remix of a 90’s grunge revival. While onyx cat suits hugged the models, Joan Jett-inspired leather pants proved that the trend is a lasting one. In the mix were comfy grey sweaters, with bell-sleeved details and exposed seams. Black bowtie accessories adorned relaxed men’s style dress shirts over glossy pants, while exposed zippers reined supreme. Nothing says “culture kid” more than a dippy sequined metallic tracksuit (if you can even call it that). The strong and structured shoulder also played an ever-present role in the collection, on both blazers and dress jackets. Barilà’s designs appeal to all, from the purple-lipped Goth to the eccentrically uppity urbanite. In a collection that was complimentary of a previous design house’s ode to body-con bedazzled frocks, Barilà conveyed a clear message: wear our clothes, and you’ll feel like a rock star…no experience required.

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