The Shop: As a devoted wearer of all things black, I feel right at home at Unicorn. The black floor, furniture and ornate decor pieces (black-painted birdcages, baroque candelabras and light fixtures) give the shop the look of an edgy, kinda gothy art gallery, particularly with original jewelry displayed against picture frames, hand-drawn prints of young, dreamy waifs on the walls and skull and unicorn knickknacks throughout. It’s like Lydia Deetz grew up and got into fashion. And the fashion itself is a selection of monochromatic basics (be still, my heart) mixed with the occasional pretty pop of colour and print.

What You’ll Find: 80% of the store’s selection comes from Montreal designers, so here you’ll find sweet and elegant dresses and separates by local darlings Mélissa Nepton, Ève Gravel, Betina Lou, Grob and Barilà. Canadian designers outside of Montreal (like Toronto’s Dagg & Stacey and the West Coast’s BC Footwear) and international brands (Cheap Monday) make up the other 20%. Okay, but the jewelry: eclectic Erica Weiner accessories (binocular necklaces, twisted stretch bracelets, feathered earrings) are the funnest and bright, Proenza-esque twisted rope and ribbon necklaces from Montreal’s La Raffinerie make perfect summer statement pieces BUT. It’s the chunky, leather and silver chain woven bracelets by Tokyo Jane (pictured above) that need to be on my wrist like nizzow. There’s also a small selection of two tone leather and canvas totes by C Comme Ça for great summer bags. Unicorn does refined minimalism at its best with a touch of playful, chic edge, which makes it a favourite amongst all those fashionable Montreal girls you wished you looked like.

Bonus: Unicorn’s summer sale is happening now and will last for another month or so, until the fall shipments start to arrive. Ève Gravel is -15%, Mélissa Nepton -30%, Josianne Perron -20% and there will be more. Go!

Boutique Unicorn: 5135 St. Laurent Blvd;

~ Lindsay Tapscott