Toronto becomes a playground for creativity at Fashion Art Toronto, featuring more than 40 Canadian designers this weekend. This year’s theme is “BLOOM” to celebrate the essence of spring and summer with collections that are bursting with emotion and imagination! Running until May 5, FAT’s 1664 Fashion Week celebrates the essence of spring and summer with fresh collections. 

Aside from the runway, there were numerous exhibitions around the event space for visitors to explore. Photos taken by Canadian artists were on display, alongside a beauty and retail boutique with goods from local artisans and brands. Each corner of the show had something to offer, immersing attendees into a world of fashion and art.

If you’re seeking a weekend of creativity, this is the spot to be with cutting-edge and avant-garde designs. There is a 50-foot pink carpet, plenty of photo ops, and a guest lounge—all with an emphasis on experimentation and fun. This is the perfect place to convene with creatives for a conversation on all the stitches and silhouettes of the show. 

The vibrancy of each designer was shown through their eclectic collections. Signed by Dahliah showed a lively collection defined by flowy and light fabrics. Her works are created to be sleek and functional. The designs have received notable accolades such as the Pattern Drafting Award from George Brown Fashion and Design Collective and the Studio 7 Award. Though very different in style, each designer showcased their personalities through a variety of works.

See inside this iconic Toronto event! We captured Signed By Dahliah’s collection that hit the runway on opening night of the Fashion Art Toronto 1664 Fashion Week.