Since R&B is obviously the sexiest genre of all time, this mix pretty much made itself thanks to the hundreds upon hundreds of songs about sex I had to choose from. Valentine’s Day can be incredibly stressful between booking dinner reservations and deciding how much to spend on chocolate, which is why I’m ditching the sappy, commercial side of the holiday in favour of cheap and low-key: bottle of wine, homemade dinner, and a mix sure to initiate some heavy petting. I recommend you do the same. 

Snoop Dogg – “Sweat”
“And by the way / I’m so glad that you came / I just wanna make you sweat” 

Aaliyah – “Rock The Boat”
“Stroke it for me, mmm / Stroke it baby, stroke it baby” 

R. Kelly – “Bump N’  Grind”
“See I know just what you want and I know just what you need girl / So baby bring your body to me (bring your body here)”  

Genuwine – “Pony”
“If you’re horny, let’s do it / Ride it my pony / My saddle’s waiting / Come and jump on it” 

Boys II Men – “I’ll Make Love To You”
“Pour the wine, light the fire / Girl your wish is my command” 

Ludacris – “What’s Your Fantasy”
“Lick it don’t stop / Keep the door locked / Don’t knock while the boat rock”  

Sleepy Brown – “Till (Your Legs Start Shaking)”
“I’m on top of you, you’re under me / There’s no place in this world that I’d rather be” 

Destiny’s Child – “T-Shirt”
“In my ear telling me you’ll take it slow / And I was in the mirror playing a role” 

Avant – “Makin’ Good Love”
“I got your legs spread all over the bed / Hands clenched in the sheets” 

Joe – “Bedroom”
“You want to do the things that make you scream / When I’m in between” 

~ Caitlyn Holroyd