Black Life: Untold Stories is a highly-anticipated eight-part documentary series premiering this fall on CBC and CBC Gem, with a mission to educate Canadians on the many chapters of Black history that have been missing from textbooks and classrooms. Today, on International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the Black Life Impact Foundation, a not-for-profit organization established to amplify the CBC documentary series, announced a strategic plan that will incorporate learnings from the doc series into a variety of additional opportunities, far beyond the screen, to reach as many Canadians as possible. 

The launch of Black Life: Untold Stories will be accompanied with the launch of a Digital Museum, Interactive Experience, Cross-Country Engagement Events, as well as Curriculum and Teacher Training—allowing for a far greater impact.

“Through this work we aim to shift the cultural understanding of Canada to necessarily include its Black history, present, and future, and to encourage sustainable and positive cultural, political, educational, and economic change,” said Sandy Hudson, Director, Black Life Impact Foundation and Co-Executive Producer, Black Life:  Untold Stories (formerly Black Life: A Canadian History). “A project of this magnitude can be accomplished only  with the backing of committed and like-minded collaborators. We’re enormously grateful to our partners and  funders for their generous support and conviction.” 

The Black Life Impact Foundation has partnered with the Black Opportunity Fund, as well as signing on several Impact Partners including the Canadian Museum of  History, skincare brand The Ordinary, and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. UNIFOR and the  Steelworkers’ Toronto Area Council have also recently committed funding and support. 

“We are delighted to partner with the Black Life Impact Foundation to support the development of these  invaluable educational resources for the Museum’s Teachers’ Zone platform,” said Caroline Dromaguet,  President and CEO of the Canadian Museum of History. “We are committed to engaging people and  communities from across the country in diverse histories and stories and we are proud to provide space to  amplify Black experiences in the history of Canada. Educators have expressed a need for high-quality and  accessible history learning material that offers diverse perspectives. The resources created by the Foundation  and made possible with the support of Museum donors, will meet this important need.” 

The long overdue series explores a rich history of Black experiences in Canada and showcases complex, dynamic stories of struggle and triumph. The series’ Black creative team celebrates the contributions of Black Canadians while presenting an unflinching examination of our collective past. It’s a series that is very much needed, and we’re glad to see how various groups across the country are working together to ensure maximum impact.

Want to contribute? Have your company get involved? Individual and organizational  contributions to the Black Life Impact Foundation’s public engagement initiative can be made through the Black Opportunity Fund.