Shedoesthecity is thrilled to partner with American Express Canada to promote this super cool gift guide app on Facebook, or the American Express Hot 100 WishList. Warning: You will get hooked. Turn the kettle on and stay awhile. There are one hundred gifts to choose from.

Let’s just not go to the mall this year, okay? It wasn’t a good idea last year, and we just don’t have it in us to run from one end to the other in a puffy hot jacket, wait in lines and listen to the Chipmunks sing Christmas. NO! Instead, lazily peruse gifts for the whole fam while at your office desk (we won’t tell) or in your jammies in bed while Bing Crosby croones Silver Bells in the background. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Stop the insanity! Instead, make your list and click to buy with the Amex Hot 100 Wishlist. From this House of Harlow Orlina leopard print clutch that we want-want-want (oh wait, we are supposed to be buying for others?!) to a cozy Roots  Beaconsfield Sweater Coat  that we absolutely need (oops, failed again!), there is something for everyone. Errr. Let’s try that again – this time with everyone else in mind. What to get dear old Dad, your “I don’t want anything” Mom, too-cool-for-everything sister and your dirty band BF? ALL RIGHT HERE FOLKS! Make your list and share it with others. Hey, maybe you’ll get that hot leopard clutch after all. Meow! If you’ve been good that is. Santa knows! Yes, he does.

100 HOT GIFTS TO CHOOSE FROM. Get a jump start on the holidays now.

And check back on Friday as Amex Canada has generously given Shedoesthecity a $1000 allowance with the challenge of doing all of our holiday shopping online this year. Right now we are using the Amex Hot 100 Wishlist, making our list and checking it twice. SO FUN!