We were pumped up all day, dancing around in our undies, and singing “Any Way You Want It” into our hairbrushes. Okay… I was alone.

Not to worry, my solo show was only the beginning of an incredible VIP JOURNEY, courtesy of American Express. Thanks to the anniversary of their Gold Rewards Card, which is especially excellent for booking travel on points and customizing your own Journey, we got to celebrate at the Journey concert, with Foreigner as the opening act. (SO ON POINT!)

I was glad to have a human music encyclopedia on hand – Steve Rock of The Good Kids, guiding our table through a 1980s rock n’ roll music history class.

The evening was off to an excellent start; in a VIP lounge on the water we were treated to a lovely cocktail hour and dinner, but who were we kidding – we were ready to put our manners aside and rock out.

Setting out in to the crowd we saw hardcore Journey fans, and lots of rock n’ roll MILF moms. “Your future,” my friend teased. Also, whoever claimed “Journey without Steve Perry, does not a band make” was wrong. The incredible vocals and tight white pants of Arnel Pineda were more then sufficient to satiate the musically hungry audience.

After the show, the party continued into the night with American Express. With confetti in our hair and Don’t Stop Believing ringing in our ears, it was the concert of the summer.

~ Louisa Cohen

Photos by Rannie Turningan