Sisters are doin’ it for themselves! Dance students Aria Evans and Candice Irwin, founders of The Go Two Company, are premiering 4 new works at this year’s Fringe Festival, in a show called UnderAnalyze Me, which explores our cultural obsession with technology.

How did you two decide to start working together?
Well we both are York University dance students and that is also where we met. Since we began training we right away noticed a similarity in our dance and choreographic styles as well as a shared goal to start our own dance company. Pair that with the great friendship that was already forming and working together became an obvious step.

What works of art have inspired you?
There are many artists and art forms that inspire our work but for this specific presentation it was more different media forms and the ways they impact people’s daily behavior that inspired us. For instance witnessing a strange phone conversation on the bus or observing the way someone presses the keys on their computer can be the catalyst for some quite bizarre choreography.

How did the idea of the show come to be?
When we first began the project we had absolutely no idea what we wanted to do with our one hour slot. We pretty much just started working with any movement, concept or piece of music that interested us at the time. Slowly it started to become clear that everything we were working on seemed to relate back to communication. Then, when Aria decided to introduce cell phones into her work, the theme of technology and its role in communication started to take form.

Where do you grab post-rehearsal dinner? Drinks?
Well if you’re hoping to run into us during the Festival you will probably find us at the Fringe Club in the beer tent behind Honest Eds. It’s where all the Fringe fun will be taking place.

Your show is about society and technology-what’s one piece of technology you admit you couldn’t live without?
Do we have to choose just one? As much as the show makes fun of our dependency on technology we will both admit that without it we would be lost. Our cellphones, computers and ipods are all a must as students and as dancers.

When you’re not dancing, how are you spending your time?
Well with the show opening this week, we aren’t really doing much that doesn’t involve the company. When Fringe isn’t going on though we are both, as we mentioned, full time students at York and you’ll occasionally find us working behind a counter, since we are both servers. You’ll also tend to find us at a lot of the theater and dance shows around the city, out for sushi, or at home watching Glee.

What advice would you give to young women looking to succeed as artists?
Just go for it! Our company philosophy is based around that mantra (hence The Go Two Company). The scariest part is getting started, but once your in it you will find that it’s not as scary as you thought it would be and that there is a huge community ready to support your endeavors.

Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse 79A St. George Street (South of Harbord)
Friday, July 2 @ 1:15pm
Saturday, July 3 @ 9:15pm
Monday, July 5 @ 10:45pm
Tuesday, July 6 @ 4:45pm
Thursday, July 8 @ 9:30pm
Friday, July 9 @ 5:15pm
Saturday, July 10 @ 1:45pm
All tickets $10 at the door