This Ontario Born, Toronto based, musician isn’t only a wonderful singer/songwriter, he can also play guitar and trombone! David Charles Fischer, aka Prince Caspian, recently released a new mixtape, which can be downloaded for free a here. We talked to him about his new songs, his inspirations, and why he loves Frank Ocean.

She Does The City: When and why did you start playing/singing?

David Charles Fischer: I started playing out on necessity I think. I was playing trombone in a ska band at the time back in Elora, my home town, and thought our songs could be better… so I learned guitar and started writing better songs.

SDTC: Where and by whom was the album produced?

DCF: The most recent release was all over the place. A lot of the beats came from different producers, or were beats that I found on my own. But I recorded the vocals all at the same time with my buddy Derek Hoffman, who produced the Late Night Calls EP for me almost a year ago.

SDTC: What are three words to describe your music style?

DCF: Three words… that’s actually tough. Probably go with dope, cool, and sexy. In that order as well.

SDTC: Is there a certain musician you find particularly inspirational?

DCF: I definitely look up the Frank Ocean a lot. If you ask me that question again in a year the answer will be completely different, but right now I think what he’s doing is pretty unreal.

SDTC: So, you write a lot about girls, are most of the songs based on true life experiences?

DCF: They are! Which is funny. All my friends know who the songs are about, and I tried my best to be respectful and give some people a heads up before releasing the songs. I blame romantic comedies.

SDTC: What inspires you to continue making music?

DCF: When you find the one thing that you wanna do for the rest of your life, its pretty tough to feel inspired to do anything else. Personally, my inspiration goes up and down, but on the down times I’m still writing music, it’s just not as personal I guess.

SDTC: Anything else you want people to know about you?

DCF: YES. people should know that I just dropped a mixtape and they should all go download it

Prince Caspian’s new mixtape is full of fun and fresh songs that’ll get you hooked with their poppy feel. So get listening and keep your ears open for even more new music in the next few months!

~ Molly Grove  @mollyalice99 | Photos by Brody White