Artist Project is returning to Toronto! The annual art fair is set to run from April 11-14 in the Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place. This is the perfect chance to stroll amongst a great body of work while supporting emerging Canadian artists. Regardless of if you are a seasoned gallery-goer, first-time buyer, or all-encompassing connoisseur, this event is guaranteed to contribute to your creative journey.

Discover and connect with over 250 independent artists in this creative environment. You will be able to experience thousands of artworks, large-scale installations, and curator-led art tours, and have the chance to purchase artworks from artists directly! 

Artist Project offers a chance to connect directly with hundreds of independent artists. It’s not just an art fair; it’s a celebration of unique stories from artists across Canada,” says Emma Fried, Show Manager for Artist Project. “This year, visitors can immerse themselves in installation works, participate in live performance art, experience dynamic fashion showcases, food-art and more! It’s a weekend where we invite all Torontonians to revel in the joy of creativity and expand their idea of what art can be.” 

Courtesy of Artist Project

This year’s event will have lots of fun and experimental projects, including exclusive free flash tattoos from Maria Qamar (Hatecopy), instant poems from The Spontaneous Prose Store, and an interactive booth from Tre Mari Bakery, who will be displaying garments designed and created with their baked products on a variety of models. Up-and-coming exhibiting artists include Alanna Peters and Ehiko Odeh, however, a variety of artists will be displaying their pieces!

What’s special about Artist Project is the personalized shopping experience they foster. It goes beyond adding to cart, but encourages attendees to look further. Visitors can walk around and interact with the exhibitors. This is an environment to start conversations for a “more personal experience with art.” 

Support untapped emerging artists in a competition dedicated to supporting the developments of new students, graduates, and self-taught artists. The juried program provides free space and a platform for emerging artists to launch their work and make connections. For those interested in fashion, the market will turn into runway halls on opening night as models walk designer pieces under Fashion Art Toronto. Regardless of the day, there is so much to see at this year’s event! 

Explore the featured artists and purchase tickets on Artist Project’s website.