This Saturday, the five hilarious ladies of The Sketchersons present a fundraiser to get them to Boston. They’ve been selected for the Women in Comedy Festival, and they won’t be able to get there and eat all the Lobster in Massachusetts without your help (note: we totally spelled Massachusetts right on the second try.) So, do the boys of Harvard a favour and help The Sketchersons raise some travel money. If you’re not convinced, read BELOW for an EXCLUSIVE ONE ON THREE INTERVIEW WITH THE SKETCHERSONS (Well, some of them, anyway,) in which they compare themselves to Nicki Minaj’s ass. The Boston Tit Party takes place on Saturday, March 3rd at 8:30 pm, at Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor St. W., and will feature stand up, dancing, treats from Dufflet and Kernels, and a bachelorette auction of the ladies in question. BRING THOSE BILLS! Sketchersons, away!

SDTC: Tell us a little something about The Sketchersons.

Jocelyn Geddie: The Sketchersons are the best thing that ever happened to Sundays.

Ann Pornel: Formally, The Sketchersons are a Canadian Comedy Award Winning sketch troupe that have a weekly show, Sunday Night Live. Informally, we’re a bunch of cool buddies who hang out, eat too much junk food, and have too much fun every single Sunday, but that’s the group as a whole. The Ladies of The Sketchersons (Alexandra Wylie, Ann Pornel, Jocelyn Geddie, Kaitlin Loftus, and Sarah Hillier) are 5 sassy ladies who applied for and were selected to take part in the Women In Comedy Festival in Boston, MA. Personally, one of the main driving forces behind wanting to go to Boston is so I can eat all the seafood in the Atlantic Ocean. So I guess, The Ladies of The Sketchersons = Eaters of all marine life, destroyers of the ecosystem.

If you could compare The Sketchersons to another thing, living or inanimate, what would you compare it to?

Alexandra Wylie: The best gift basket you can imagine, stocked with an equal mix of gourmet foods and cool gadgets and things you didn’t know you wanted, but now love more than you could possibly imagine.

JG: Like a Twix Bar—a harmonious marriage of textures and flavours that melts in your mouth.*

*This answer is sponsored by Twix Bars

AP: Nicki Minaj’s butt. It’s beautiful, talented, and blows everybody’s mind on how it exists.

How does a funny gal break into the world of comedy?

AW: Be smart, work hard, be nice.

AP: Take classes, practice writing if you’re into sketch or standup, find as much stage time as you can if you’re into improv, sketch or standup, get good, and when you think you’re good, get better. Also support the community by going out to shows, talk to people, ask questions, make your face recognizable to people. Also don’t be a huge creep is probably the biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone. On anything.

JG: Bribery.

What was your first show together like?

AP: The Sketchersons have been around for years and the cast changes every once in a while. Six people, myself included, were added to the cast in March 2011, and it’s actually our 1 year anniversary on March 4th. So I guess our first show as the most recent version of The Sketchersons was…. fun? Who knows, man, that was a full year ago. I don’t even know what I did on Saturday. Can anyone tell me what I did?

JG: Much like that scene in Fantasia when all the baby pegasuses fly around, it was awesome and adorable and everyone wanted to be the pink one.

AW: Terrifying, in the best way. Endlessly fun.

What can we expect at this fundraiser?

AW: Babes, our best jokes, PRIZES!, a nice time, smooches (if you’re lucky), the world’s greatest dance party, treats, friendship and the glow that comes with helping some nice people get to do a cool thing.

JG: A fountain of laughter and joy that is as much fun as eating a Twix Bar!

AP: You’ll see a fantastic show with the insanely talented Sara Hennessey and Marco Bernardi, as well as the sketch set we plan on bringing with us to show Boston. There’ll be prizes to bid on, a 50-50 raffle, yummy treats from Kernels and Dufflet Bakery, a dance party, and a Bachelorette Auction where you can bid on customized dates with us ladies. I was looking forward to this the most, but as the date approaches, I’m starting to have gross sweaty dreams about no one bidding on me and then me crying all the way home. HEY, BOYS, BID ON ME BECAUSE I SWEAT PROFUSELY IN MY SLEEP!

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~ Haley Cullingham | Photo by Sharilyn Johnson. 

Top Row L to R: Jocelyn Geddie, Ann Pornel Bottom Row L to R: Alexandra Wylie, Kaitlin Loftus, Sarah Hillier