Chilly? We thought you could use a little hot summer lovin’.

We recently partnered with We-Vibe—the ultimate pleasure producers—to host AROUSE, our biggest EVER erotica writing contest. You delivered the sexy; and we’re rolling out the top ten entries we received.

This is Ride or Die by Anonymous.


You were wearing a short skirt

On your bike

Bare legs whipped by the wind

Warm, peachy sun-kissed cheeks 

Bouncing up and down

At the red light

Where we stop

Taught muscles hold the stall

Lean forward to tease me a little more

juicy booty

strong thighs

I  salivate


Pedal my legs

Heartbeat racing

To catch up to you in traffic

The cars hustle by

Hot metal travelling at high speeds

I dodge potholes, branches, storm drains and road rage 

I weave 

And coast through the stop signs 

Lean wayyyy back and rub 

against my bike seat


The feeling of rubber burning on the pavement

the swish of a fishtail as I slam on the back breaks

the active, stabilizing muscles  as I corner


chasing                                                      that     ass