ArtStars* One Year Bish-Bash: Our Favourite Shit-Disturbing Culture Vultures Throw a Bday Jam

By Caitlyn Holroyd

Dance party? Yes please. Dance party hosted by ArtStars*? YESSSSS please!

It’s been a year since the self-touting TMZ of the art world first appeared on scene with their online video series on the snobbery of art shows, and a lot has happened since then. From their war with Nuit Blanche people to snagging an interview with the elusive Douglas Coupland – Nadja Sayej and her troupe have a lot to celebrate and they’re kicking off the terrible twos in style with an epic dance party that includes tequila, jean jumpsuits and militant microphones.

Other stuff to look forward to: raffle ticket concrete boxes by CN Tower Liquidation – a $3 ticket may win you some art, $50 Team Macho séance prints presented by Xpace, $20 limited edition ArtStars* VHS tapes, animated gifs by Steph Davidson, indie pins by Jesjit Gill, and Patricio Estebar snapping slutty party pics all night long. There’s even an Orwellian 1984 battle brewing – deck yourself out in stars to support ArtStars* and stripes for ArtSpeak*.

Wednesday, May 19

Double Double Land, 209 Augusta Ave.

10 pm – 2 am


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