Meredith Gillies

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After spending 10 years growing up in California, Meredith Gillies’ parents brought her back to her hometown of Calgary where she steadily grew into the country bumpkin that she is today. Meredith moved to Toronto four years ago to enter Ryerson’s School of Journalism; thankfully, she graduated, and has since worked for OTMzine, The Huffington Post Canada, and FASHION Magazine. Meredith refuses to grow up, and for that reason she will be contributing to ShedoesthecityTeen (as well as writing about fashion). Most of her interests tread the line between being a teen in the '90s and a teen in 2012, with a whole lot of love for Harry Styles, Twin Peaks, Lisa Frank, and Twilight (What's my age, again?). Other interests that are perhaps more age-appropriate include iced americanos, bulldogs, oversized grey sweaters, lakes, Proenza Schouler, and doing the cabin thing. She is self-sufficient but needs attention.