Tess Degenstein

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Tess Degenstein was introduced to the SDTC community via Grown Ass Woman Monica Heisey; and she feels pretty dreamy about working alongside the smart/ funny/ all-around inspiring team at SDTC. Like Monica, Tess is an improvisor, performing regularly at The Comedy Bar and with Bad Dog Theatre. When Tess isn't listening to female-fronted 90s grunge (which, let's be real, is most times), she's kept busy acting in theatre and television across the country. Tess' columns are as diverse as her own whack-a-doo schedule, with her covering events, profiling artists, and weighing in on the day-to-day ahhhhhhh!s and yay!s of being a 20-something female artist in Toronto (she's the only one of these, right?!?!? Jokkx! Hello to all of us!). She also likes biking so much, and breakfast even more.