If you happened to catch a glimpse of the dozen-or-so fashion weeks that have rolled out over the last month, you may have noted that hints of neon remain fervent in fall collections, unexpectedly spicing up typical tweeds and pretty plaids. However, some of us are operating on tighter (read: no) budgets, and it’s not always possible to indulge in new pieces.

As someone who swears by nail polish as the-best-accessory-ever, I rejoiced when I discovered American Apparel’s new line of neon nail colours. Though the line was released earlier this summer, the bright shades remain especially pertinent for the fall, a time when blacks, beiges and greys tend to overrun our outfit palettes. At most American Apparel stores, one can purchase three colours for $18 – during a recent visit, I selected Neon Violet and Neon Yellow, and a dark brick-red for non-neon days. The violet has adorned my toes ever since, and the yellow instantly transforms me (and my surroundings) into weekend-party-mode. Plus, the line’s orange and red shades match the beautiful autumn colours currently unfolding all around the city.

Check out the big American Apparel store at 1392-1394 St-Catherine West for the widest selection of neon (and all other) shades!

~ Tyler Yank