Every year, we ask girls from universities across the country to give us their best tips for living, studying, and partying on and off campus.
Varsity swimmer Molly Grove goes to University of Toronto–St. George, and studies Peace, Conflict, Justice. In addition to swimming like crazy, she contributes to SDTC and works for Oxfam U of T.

Best thing about your program:
I love the size of my program. It is small and that creates a great community. Each year has only about 50 students and the exec runs great social activities to make sure we all get to know each other. On top of that, my class has done a great job of sharing notes and study sessions with everyone!

Biggest challenge in your program:
Figuring out the course calendar and what courses I need to take versus want to take. And then also being able to meet the breadth requirements. It can all get very confusing, not only for my program but all of them. And since I have a lot of friends at different universities, I am able to see how much more difficult U of T makes itself than is necessary.

Favourite non-academic activity:
Campus Clubs. I joined Oxfam when I came to UofT and I have found an amazing community that offers me great opportunities. Through the group I have also made some of my best friends.

One really amazing memory from first year:
Living in residence first year ended up being a bigger eye opener than I expected. Not only was I living away from home for the first time but also I was meeting so many new people from all over the world. However, my REALLY amazing memory is just of fun relaxed evenings with the best friends that I made there. Throwing a French night just because 2 girls were wearing striped shirts and getting in trouble for playing drinking games or even just curling up for a movie together. It may sound sappy but those are the nights I cherish most from that year.

What do you love about your school?:
I love the community created by the college structure and the space. The college structure allows for you to get to know your registrar and creates not only a community but some good ol’ fashioned competition. Being a city girl, I love that my campus is right downtown, but it does a spectacular job of adding in a ton of green space all over along with the gorgeous old buildings.

Bar: A popular college club is the Brunny, but if you are looking for something more chill then my favorite would have to be Sneaky Dee’s. (431 College St.) There is a club upstairs and the best nachos in town downstairs and it is all around amazing.

Place to study: Graham Library @ Trinity College

Place to eat: Big Fat Burrito (285 Augusta Ave.) in Kensington Market, which has amazing burritos that are super filling, or Harvest Noon (GSU Building, 2nd floor, 16 Bancroft Ave.) on Campus which is a new student run restaurant that is cheap and healthy with all vegetarian and vegan options.

Any other tips for newbies?
1. Prepare yourself for Guvernment. (132 Queen’s Quay E.) It is a big part of frosh week but the place is a maze that combines about 10 different regular size clubs within it. So be ready to get lost.

2. On the note of getting lost, also beware of the UC building. I have had many classes there and I still can’t figure it out.