by Olga Barsky

Though most of my more elaborate dancing is confined to my living room and elevator, I have always had a fascination with ballet, mostly because as much as a try I can’t stand on my tippie-toes. So I was delighted to have the opportunity to hang out with Tiffany Mosher, member of the Corps de Ballet with the National Ballet of Canada. Tiffany picked Queen West’s Cabaret as the destination for our interview because she loves vintage clothes. We had a lot of fun playing dress-up.

Currently, Tiffany is starring in West Side Story Suite as Anita, a character that she describes as “saucy, aggressive, but caring deep down.” Not only is this an unconventional ballet but Tiffany’s most ambitious role to date as beyond dance she also sings on stage. 

But how did this classically trained ballerina discover her singing abilities? Well, three years ago, Tiffany and two of her company friends from decided to form a band for shits and giggles. Each of the girls learned to play an instrument, Tiffany picked the bass. Unfortunately, just when the girls started to develop a taste for the rock’n’roll lifestyle, their gear and instruments were stolen from the garage they practiced in. While the band never reunited, and the instruments were not recovered, Tiffany did find one thing – her pipes.  

Back in Cabaret, our interview is interrupted by all the shiny and beautiful accessories and clothing surrounding us. In fact, we can’t help ourselves and decide that Tiffany must give almost every cocktail dresses a whirl. Aww gee, everything looks so amazing on her. Unlike most ballet dancers, this ballerina hits the gym,runs and does squats for exercise and definition. She tells me that over the last decade there’s been a shift among ballet dancers towards healthier, leaner bodies and curvier shapes. And assures me that eating disorders and health problems in the industry are a thing of the past.

So how did Tiffany first get into dancing? Her mom alleges that it was Miss Piggy who first caught the ballerina-to-be’s eye and inspired her career choice at the supple age of 2. Originally from Halifax, Tiffany moved to Toronto when she was 10 years old and enrolled in Canada’s National Ballet School.

We cannot wait to see her in the West Side Story Suite which is featured alongside Pur ti Miro and Opus 19/The Dreamer. This wonderful program runs at the Four Seasons Centre until this Sunday, so get it while it’s hawt!

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Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann