By Caitlyn Holroyd

Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House is back with their third full-length album, Teen Dream. And like our teenage years, this album is bittersweet. Sadness, happiness, heartbreak, love, angst, awkwardness…it’s all there, just like you remember it.

The opening track “Zebra” starts off with a simple guitar line before building into the powerful and catchy chorus, while “Silver Soul” has Victoria Legrand opening up about love’s ability to continually screw us over. While “Walk in the Park” is filled with angst, “Real Love” offers a more grown-up look at love with the line, “Real love, it finds you somewhere with your back to it.”

Overall, each song is a little bit woozy and awkward, with plenty of climaxes courtesy of Alex Scally’s electric guitar, before Legrand’s melancholic vocals bring us right back down again. Perhaps the best part of the album is its ambiguity, allowing the listener to plug themselves into each song almost effortlessly (because let’s face it, high school nostalgia is a bit of a guilty pleasure).