Ben Caplan doesn’t mince words.  (And neither do I, his month-long residency starts tonight, February 1st, at Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave)!  See you there!!)  The Halifax-based musician (who hails from Hamilton – word!!) is an enigmatic blend of raging gypsy melodies and bellowing proclamations of honesty and soul.  More than the music, though, Ben’s a really real dude.  Take him out for a pint if you get the chance.  I did!

Hearts were worn strictly on the sleeve when we met last Wednesday to chat about the finer points of life and love.  I woke up the next morning with a sense of peace akin to a few hours spent in the yoga studio, or with some sort of friendly neighbourhood Bhudda.  Keep reading for a little afternoon enlightenment from the East (coast).

Ben on girls
“Beyond the eroticism, the female nude is a source of a man’s delight.  The naked female form is immensely delightful.  I think about the female form literally all the time. When I’m writing a song about death I’m thinking about naked ladies.” 

Ben on what inspires him”
Turçesa Taraf de Haidouks.  The accordion solo makes me sweat every time.  This is what inspires me.  It makes me wanna shit inside my pants.” 

“This is my favourite thing in the whole world right now:  John Zorn.  Gevurah, which is not my favourite in particular.  There’s a guy playing cello on this and he’s the nastiest cello player I’ve ever heard.  These guys give me wicked music boners.”

Ben on Cars v. Donkeys
“What if instead of gas stations – follow, here- we had donkey stations?  And there’d be a donkey tax.” 

Ben on the TTC
“I sat on the subway last night and rode past and past my stop then turned around and rode past my stop again.” 

Ben on his first album
“My goal with album number one: impress 17-year old me.” 

Ben on bands
“I hate any band without electric guitars.  I hate electric guitars.  I hate every band.”

Ben on small dogs
“I like them, but I’d never want to touch one or own one.  And I was lying about liking them.”

Intrigued? Us too. Check Ben out every Wednesday night in February, 9 pm at Supermarket, 268 Augusta Ave. 

~ Annie Webber