It’s coming up on that magical time of leprechauns and green clothes. That time where everyone tells you not to drink the green beer, but you do anyways. You’ll always regret that choice, by the way. Anyways, in honour of St Patrick’s Day, I went on a hunt for the cheapest and yummiest pint of Guinness. That’s right, price can affect quality. Just ask the Irish. Here are your best options in Vancouver.

The Irish Heather. Maaaaybe not the cheapest, but good quality and atmosphere. Rumour has it (by rumour I mean someone I know who I hope wasn’t lying) that Bono had a few drinks here once on St Patrick’s Day. See if the Shebeen whiskey room in the back is open when you come in. It’s much cozier!

Doolin’s uses Guinness in their branding, so they know how to represent. Grab a few pints upstairs before you head downstairs to their bar, Cellar, for a dance party.

The Charlatan is a Commercial Drive favourite known for their amazing chicken tenders. At least, I try to make them known for their amazing chicken tenders… If you don’t fancy a Guinness, ask for one of their ceasars with whiskey for a tasty Irish twist on the classic.

The Five Point on Main is owned by the same people as the Charlatan. Consequently they’re quite similar. Head there for a cozy atmosphere, good beer, and stumbling distance from other trendy bars.

If you’re in Gastown looking for a rowdy, bumpin’ crowd, check out the Black Frog. Guinness is priced well and you have a central, entertaining location to enjoy it in.

The Wolf and Hound has a St Patrick’s Day countdown clock. No joke. This Point Grey locale gets packed early, but it’s well worth the buzz. Stay there all night to enjoy the multitude of local and Irish beer, and the Irish dancers.

Ahhhhh the Blarney Stone. You can’t really go wrong with this classic on a good day, much less St. Patrick’s Day. One of the only true clubs in which you can grab a Guinness, the Blarney Stone gets busy early on March 17th. Get there before eight to enjoy the scene all night.

If you’re in the ‘burbs head to the Foggy Dew. It’s Coquitlam’s alternative to the Granville strip, but they actually serve Guinness (Caprice patrons can only dream). You’ll dance, you’ll meet some Metro Van chatches, you’ll shake off those chatches… you get the picture. The cab back to your folks’ home will never be cheaper.

~ Meghan Roberts