Body Blitz, the first bath house for women in Canada, celebrated it’s five year anniversary with a skin care product launch. 

For their line, they’re using Morroccan Argan oil, coined “liquid gold” by The New York Times for it’s rich protective and restorative qualities.Another pathway paving effort by the innovative spa. Expect to see this everywhere soon.

I decided to celebrate the anniversary with a dip in the pools and a body scrub, in hopes it would lure me out of my languid hibernation regiment: Wake up late, drink a liter of hot chocolate, go to sleep early, do it all over again.

I was feeling the effects of premature nightfall and freezing feet. And while Body Blitz is no week in St Barts, it is a jolt of vitality. These days, I have energy for a few late night cocktails anyway.

The experience:

Check your modesty at the door. Body Blitz is part age-old sanctuary, part downtown modern spa, part boob soup. A credit to the feeling of safety within it’s walls, many of the guests go nude.

I began the circuit in a glowing turquoise sea salt pool, watching as bubbles circulated in hypnotic patters and water sprinkled upwards off the surface of the warm pool. Then I rotated between the aromatherapy steam room, an infrared sauna and a green tea hot tub, with dips in the cold plunge pool in between. I prefer the sea salt pool but the cold plunge pool, designed to lower your body temperature among other healing benefits, was the most refreshing. 

Besides relaxing, the circuit is said to have health benefits. I hope cleansing is one of them; I went to the bathroom five times in less than two hours.

The scrub left my skin subtle and smooth, and my body thoroughly relaxed, so relaxed that I almost left half of my things behind.

Tip: Bring a friend to poke you when you inevitably pass out. And take the rest of the day off, you’ll want to linger in the relaxed state you leave there. 

To book a scrub, mud, massage or glow or to view Body Blitz facial and body products go to

10am – 8pm Monday to Thursday
10am -9pm Friday
9am – 8pm Saturday
9am – 6pm Sunday

 ~ Morgan Dunlop