We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the first episode and can tell you wholeheartedly that we are ALL ABOUT this show. CBC’s Workin’ Moms offers hilarious and honest insight into the complex life of motherhood that is fraught with challenges, be it daily tasks like pumping milk, the logistics of childcare, or heavier themes like separation anxiety and postpartum depression. While poignant, the smart writing and comedic delivery gives audiences a show packed with humour and levity – two things us moms need to survive.

For the next five weeks, Jen will be sharing short videos of herself that tease upcoming episodes. This week, she weighs in on the subject of breastfeeding (always a hot topic) and accessing one’s inner animal. R-O-A-R!

CBC’s Workin’ Moms is a wild ride that goes places we never thought our national broadcaster would allow, but we are SO GLAD they did.