Our guest columnist Molly is doing a 4-week buffet of get fit classes, check back every Tuesday for updates.

I’m feeling guilty after a weekend of serious eating. It’s like I felt so damn good on Friday that I had to undo it all on my weekend off! Family was in town, so feasts were our entertainment. That being said, I’m ready for Week 2 to kick my butt, and the extra padding elsewhere.

Monday: Extreme Functional Training
My first class of EFT (Extreme Functional Training) , and it’s definitely extreme – extremely tough! You can’t find a class like this at any other gym, so I’m actually quite excited to see what this is all about. The instructor, Chris, has developed this as a challenging combo of three types of training: bosu ball, gravity and TRX – all pitting your body weight against you for an intense workout.

But I’m learning things about myself as well as learning new moves. With all these new classes that I spend all day dreading, I’m mentally preparing myself for the unknown. But after every scary new class I try, I find myself admitting to friends how amazing it was, and how great I feel.

So, EFT is awesome. The hour-long workout is varied in intensity and difficulty, so the diversity helps distract me from the pain. We rotate from squats and lunges on the bosu, to some upper body weight work on the Gravity machine, then some dynamic curls, chest work, and core exercises on the TRX – needless to say by the end I was spent, sweaty, and swearing.

Tuesday: Day off.
I have to say, all this boot camp stuff has worked some magic on my sleep patterns. I wake up less often, and wake up feeling actually rested. My buns and biceps are the most sore. Little parts of me are sore that I didn’t know existed. But pain is progress, baby, and I’m embracing it.

Wednesday: Pilates.
Have I mentioned that I’m sore? My body tricked me on my day off, gave me the false impression that I had miraculously recovered from EFT on Monday: wrong. So wrong. I actually even warned today’s instructor about my pain, and she promises I’ll feel better tomorrow.

So the schedule says Pilates, but our lean and exotic instructor introduces herself and says this is “Milates” rather than Pilates. Instructor Milica has more than 15 years experience in the fitness industry, and openly admits her workout is NOT strict Pilates as per my previous experience with Stott Pilates.

The class still has the strong focus on core and balance, but through less conventional moves. While the workout was hard enough to send my muscles into shake-mode while trying to hold positions and planks, it still felt relaxing and a mild relief from the hard core balance and muscle workouts I’ve done so far.

Thursday: Spin class.
While my calves are feeling the burn more than I’m used to in a spin class, I have to say I feel stronger overall. Past experiences with spinning have always been a love-hate relationship as I pant and sweat my way through 45 minutes. But this time, even though it’s been more than a week since my last spin, it feels easier! I feel stronger. I’m kicking the hill’s ass instead of the hill kicking mine. Thanks to some great music and a super motivating instructor I’m feeling abnormally positive: it’s almost Friday and I’m feeling good.

Friday: Gravity
I love Gravity! I feel the pain, but I also feel the gain of muscle strength and toning. This class always feels like I’ve made a significant difference in an hour. It produces the most pain the next day in terms of muscle soreness, and right after class, you literally feel pumped up thanks to the blood flow to your muscles. Great way to end the week, but I’m definitely looking forward to two days of no boot camp!