There is a golden era of girlhood; before the pressure to be cool, attract guys and look good set in. It is a brief flicker of time in a woman’s life, but it is packed full of new knowledge, freedom and fun.

After such a dismal US election result, where a qualified woman was (once again) passed over for the job – we think girls can use all the encouragement we can offer. We want to celebrate pre-teen girls and their aspirations – they are just like we used to be…they’re our future.

Bright Lite Magazine is an independent magazine created for pre-teen girls, run by girls. Founded by two moms (a photographer and an illustrator/writer), Bright Light contains submissions from girls all over the world. Their passions are mirrored in every aspect of the magazine, including photography, interviews, articles, recipes, crafts, journals posts, music and advice.

“My daughter is only three years old,” notes co-founder Ami Komai. “But I want to create a safe haven for her when she is old enough. More than a publication, Bright Lite is a community she will engage with – a place where she can find girls like her, curious and excited to build and create amazing things.”

We think that’s a cause worth supporting. Bright Light has a kickstarter to publish the print mag. Show ’em some love.