I’m terrible with money. I impulsively bought a flight to Hong Kong last week, cashed-out on a pair of non-winter-appropriate (on sale) ripped jeans from H&M, and stole four bananas from work. I like to think I’ve graduated from the days of stealing public washroom toilet paper and deep sea diving for streetcar quarters in the couch (I still do this). But now, all grown up, with a salary and extra cash from weekend hours at the salon, I’m still struggling to find out a) what I’m actually spending my money on and b) how to save extra bank before the holidays. So what the heck is every woman in Toronto spending her money on?

I don’t have fancy infographic with all the reasons why the women of T.O. are in debt right now. But I do have an idea; and chances are – you might actually be spending money on these things too.

Triple Venti Coffee with Diamonds
Coffee makes me feel like a woman who can handle bad hair days, heartache and adult stuff like deadlines and time management. So cutting it out of my life entirely would be the equivalent to rolling around like a limbless commuter in an empty streetcar. No thanks! Instead, my advice is this: be mindful of coffee prices, limit the number of coffees you drink per day and think twice before you order a triple Venti Chestnut Praline Latte with extra whipped cream and diamond sparkles.

The Robot Sugar Daddy – Drunk ATM’ing
Admit it, after a few gin and tonics – you see it in the corner of the bar and you make eyes at it; drunkenly squinting. You know what’s inside of it, and when you stumble over to make a forward move for the Savings Account, you hesitate to select $20, but feel awesome – so you select $60. Almost always, I drunkenly mistake the ATM for a warm sugar daddy that has absolutely no ties to my depleting income. We’re cool like that – our relationship is healthy, I swear. Wrong.

This is where we all fail miserably. I have a beer or two, take money out, throw back a tequila shot, then take more money out. By the end of the night, I have $5 in my pocket and can’t remember if I took out $20 or $100. Take it from me – stop it. Plan ahead and cash out BEFORE the bar. Pro tip: If you see the ATM at the bar, do not, repeat – DO NOT – make eyes with it.

The Lazy Girl Motto: Guys, can we get a cab there?
If it were up to me, I would walk everywhere. But most of my friends love taking a cab, especially when it’s TGIF and all you want to do is be physically piggybacked around the city while drinking cocktails and flirting with cute boys. I know it’s difficult sometimes, but opt for the TTC or walk if it’s close – you’ll probably save an extra hundred dollars by the end of the month, no schvitz included.

A Brunch Intervention
Ladies, it’s not summer anymore. Get over it, because it’s burning a hole in your handbag and you’re not ready to admit it. It’s simple – limit brunching to once, every two weeks. You’ll survive, and maybe you’ll enjoy brunch more now that it’s a very special occasion.

WWBD: What would Beyonce Drink?
Cut. It. Out. Better question – when was the last time Jay-Z bought you a drink? Now be financially smart and order something that’s not $15, because that $15 is better spent on weekly groceries like Almond Milk, fancy cheese and Nutella (heart emoji).

CSI – Online Banking Unit
Every time I sign into my online bank account, I hit the refresh button. Like a maniac, I repeatedly reload over and over, thinking – maybe it’s wrong? Then, seconds later I panic and think: OMG, A FANCY-LUXURY STRANGER IS USING MY CREDIT CARD! Wrong again. The thing is, your bank account knows the REAL you. It hurts, I know, but you’ll benefit from knowing how much you spent on your friend’s housewarming party or your work’s ugly Christmas sweater party. I even considered tattooing a tear on my cheek last week when I noticed I spent almost $25 on ATM charges last month.

Follow the above tips and remember ladies, monitor your spending and you can actually save for something bigger than a poutine. Um, is this like, adulthood?