Why is money a tough subject to discuss? This is THE topic that can cause us the most stress, yet it still seems verboten to discuss our PERSONAL FINANCES. Why? If we can talk candidly about other areas of our lives (e.g., sex, relationships, motherhood and work), why not money?

Recently launched STACK Sessions‘ mission is to “engage Canadians (particularly millennials) in open, honest conversations about money and how we manage it (or don’t).” To get things going, they’ve connected with high-profile trailblazers, like artist + bestselling author Maria Qamar and supermodel + entrepreneur Coco Rocha, to help open the dialogue and remove the shame when it comes to personal finance, self-worth, risk, investment and other money issues that affect us all.

In a STACK Sessions interview, Maria Qamar talks about how she first began to get recognized for her work: “I didn’t realize that all you needed to attain clients was the confidence to post your work–good or bad–online. It’s all I ever did and it helped me to partner with some amazing brands.” The piece also explores how Qamar has defined success and created a niche market by being true to herself. It’s compelling, inspiring and definitely a catalyst for self-reflective conversation.

In a STACK Shorts video, Coco Rocha takes us back to the beginning: “I look back at those jobs and I’m proud of them; they make you who you are,” she says, referring to her first jobs as a babysitter and crosswalk guard. “Right from the start, you need to know your values and core beliefs, both for you business and yourself.”

Making money should never be just about making money, and it never is. There’s lots to talk about.

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