Up until this week, I only knew of Bryan Greenberg the Actor – the hunky Jake Jagielski from One Tree Hill and, currently, the amusing Ben Epstein from HBO’s How to Make It in America. Monday night, I was introduced to Bryan Greenberg the Musician and – like the throngs of adoring female fans in attendance – was somehow magically transformed into a 16 year-old girl all over again.

Local musician Megan Bonnell took to the Mod Club stage first, wooing the crowd with her dreamy vocals and compelling lyrics, before Greenberg began his set. Between girly screams and plenty of “Bryan take your shirt off!”s, he performed a mix of songs from his 2007 album Waiting For Now and his latest We Don’t Have Forever, due out in January. Personal favourites included “Someday” and “Neverland,” which was probably about the time I joined in on the screaming. Major points to the man for staying calm and cool throughout, and flashing the girls a cheeky smile every once in awhile – it certainly won me over.

Bryan Greenberg’s Myspace
Megan Bonnell’s Myspace
Photo credit: Kayley Luftig

~ By Caitlyn Holroyd