I have watched Home Alone 2 five times and counting this month and I am not ashamed to admit so. It’s one of the best Christmas movies for many reasons (Macaulay Culkin is at his most adorable, Tim Curry, New York City, The Plaza Hotel, Duncan’s Toy Chest a.k.a. the most amazing toy store that ever was…) and now it’s being made into a dance party thanks to the folks from Hughes the Boss!

This Saturday, December 22, The Boat (158 Augusta Ave.) will be decked out just like the movie – complete with swingin’ paint cans, micro-machine mishaps, and other delightful setups. A non-stop assortment of iconic movie soundtrack songs and a bunch of Christmas croon-tunes will also be played. So bust out that kitschy holiday sweater and bonus points to anyone who brings a Talkboy. $5, doors at 10 pm.