Growing up, Street Cents was one of the better shows on TV that taught kids and teens about money. CBC announced today that they will be bringing the iconic Canadian brand back, but on TikTok

Street Cents frames financial literacy in a fun and age-appropriate context, helping to make money stuff make sense for teens. This is CBC’s first launch of an original content series on TikTok, and we’ve brought in a great team of creators who speak with authenticity and credibility to teen audiences,” said Sally Catto, General Manager, Entertainment, Factual & Sports, CBC. 

Mercedes Gaztambide, Anisha Joshi, Carley Thorne and Creo Walters will be the “collective face” of Street Cents. Through a variety of comedic and journalistic short-form video content, the Street Cents crew will “inspire critical thinking about spending, saving and earning.” Tips and hacks will be provided to help youth understand the value of money, spend it wisely, and feel empowered. As with the original series, the ultimate goal is to make financial literacy entertaining and accessible. 

Watching how networks and awards shows have quickly adapted to using TikTok to engage younger generations has been fascinating. In March of 2021, the JUNO Awards announced that TikTok would act as the official voting platform for the JUNO Fan Choice Award, allowing audiences to engage with the event and artists in a totally new way. In June of 2021, MuchMusic relaunched as a ‘digital first’ brand on TikTok, and has since amassed a following of 1.3M, with 37M video likes. 

The Street Cents TikTok is already populated with dozens of videos that share money tips, and answer questions like “What’s a credit score?” We love the videos that compare brands, like “Aritzia vs. Ardene”, and hacks that they dish out, like how to not blow all your allowance at Starbucks

CBC has shared that the Street Cents TikTok page will be updated daily, with content repurposed to other platforms including Instagram and YouTube. We’re glad to see the return of this smart show.