Legendary Canadian record label Arts & Crafts is celebrating 10 years of awesome releases with Arts & Crafts: 2003-2013. The retrospective compilation album, released earlier this week, is sure to become a staple in collections of many Canadian music fans. 

To celebrate the album (which features liner notes by awesome journalist/This Book Is Broken author/rad guy Stuart Berman—SUP STU?!), Broken Social Scene recorded and released a special song, “Deathcock,” for FREE! The double disc release, featuring a mix of classic A&C songs and some previously unreleased, will have you reminiscing on awesome tracks of yesteryear and getting excited about new ones. Canadian music really is great, eh?

Check out the tracklist!


Broken Social Scene “7/4 (Shoreline)”
Stars “Elevator Love Letter”
Zeus “Are You Gonna Waste My Time?”
The Stills “Being Here”
Feist “Mushaboom”
Apostle Of Hustle “Folkloric Feel”
Amy Millan “Skinny Boy”
The Most Serene Republic “Content Was Always My Favorite Colour”
Jason Collett “I’ll Bring The Sun”
New Buffalo “Recovery”
Feist “I Feel It All”
Timber Timbre “Demon Host”
Dan Mangan “Rows Of Houses”
Stars “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead”
Los Campesinos! “You! Me! Dancing!”
Broken Social Scene “Lover’s Spit”


Broken Social Scene “Deathcock”
The Hidden Cameras “Mind, Matter And Waste”
Amy Millan “She Got By”
Apostle Of Hustle “I Want A New Drug”
Cold Specks “Grave Goods”
Ra Ra Riot “Saccharin And The War”
Sally Seltmann “You Don’t Know Me Anymore”
Los Campesinos! “Allez Les Blues”
Timber Timbre & Tasseomancy “The Darkness Of Things”
Feist & Constantines “Islands In The Stream”
Stars “Rollerskate”
The Dears “Raise The Dead”
Brendan Canning “Secretaries’ Party”
Jason Collett “False Cassandra”
Dan Mangan “Faults”
Chilly Gonzales “Tarantelle”
Kevin Drew “Apology”
Snowblink “Blue Moon”