Where do you live? In a little townhouse in King West in Toronto.
What do you do?I study business at Ryerson and intern for the marketing department at Rogers Media. Other than that, I constantly try to immerse myself in as much information as possible in an attempt to broaden my horizons and (hopefully) retain the material that matters (to me). Oh, and I ‘do’ social media, the internet, and blogs in unhealthy and excessive amounts.
Favourite places to shop: Zara/H&M for the affordable, everyday basics. Jonathan + Olivia for the quality, modern-classic investment piece (though a student budget limits these shopping visits to few and far between). I Miss You/Black Market for the odd, one-of-a-kind vintage buy.
Music: Right now on my most-played playlist: The Knife, 2Pac, Nas, The xx, Gyptian (‘Hold Yuh’ makes me feel like I’m on an island, okay!?), and The Supremes. Generally, a little bit of everything but mostly oldies, rap, and some Top 40 songs that were Top 40 three months ago (new goal this month: be more ‘with it’).
Perfect Friday night: Intimate gathering with dear friends, dainty nibblers, and too many bottles of wine.
Secret Style Weapon: My Balenciaga watch.
Where did you get it? My grandmother gifted my parents with Balenciaga couples watches before they got married, my dad never wore his (I’m not sure why) and so my mum removed a couple of chain links from the watchband and gifted it to me.
If I lost it I would…be upset and lost in time. (Literally.)
Website: http://www.twitter.com/charmaine_li