Scenario 1: you just got your very first grown-up place and you don’t know where to begin.
Scenario 2: you have your own place, but the IKEA furniture is getting to you, and it’s time for an update.
Scenario 3: you know that all your place needs is one great _____ but you don’t have the time to run around the city and search it out.
Scenario 4: you would never consider hiring an interior designer, but you do need some guidance to get yourself motivated.
Scenario 5: you LOVE designer discounts.

If any of these scenarios is reading your mind, then it’s time you tried out Halfway between having an interior designer by your side and DIY, the Remote Stylist team brings you quick and affordable design advice online! Whether it’s shopping for one item, designing an entire room, staging your home for selling, or a gazillion options in between, this new site is breaking the design barriers. You want s’more? OK, how about wholesale pricing on items sourced through their partner brands? Don’t need any design advice right this minute, but love to be kept in the décor loop? Check out for up to the minute news and info.

Since the site re-launched in October 2010, the gals of Remote Stylist have been generous with the discounts and giveaways, so check back often to see what they have up their impeccably stylish sleeves for this holiday season!