Chick-Fil-A vs. The Muppets. Or, How Not To Use Facebook in 2012

We’re living in a world that’s changing fast, and fried chicken seems to be a catalyst right now. I’m ok with that.

As a Canadian, you maybe think ‘Chick-Fil-A who?’ The American fast food chain may not have any stores in Canada but they’re stirring up a whole lot of headlines everywhere right now for being vocally anti-gay marriage and kicking apparently pro-gay marriage Muppets toys out of their kid’s meals. Or it’s because the toys hurt kid’s fingers. You can decide.

And that’s just the beginning. Not only is this producing a wave of more pro-gay marriage support, but obvious lessons in “Company Social Media No-No’s” have unfolded in the public eye. The community of social media users can be a watchdog now on a company’s image, and it may be harder and harder for companies to keep up with the public’s many keen eyes. Not as easy these days to be dishonest. Imagine how the Watergate Scandal may have unfolded differently with Twitter? Someone tumblr-meme that and send it over.

Interesting that both Chick-Fil-A and Jim Henson haven’t hidden their anti-gay and pro-gay views from the get-go, yet this volcano of human rights/conservative fast food is exploding out now.

Seems like after the backlash against Chick-Fil-A started, some classy professional within the company made a fake Facebook account using a stock image photo to respond to negative comments on Chick-Fil-A’s Facebook page. Now this stock image lady will live on as a meme. Obvious lesson: Hire professionals and don’t think you can be so transparently dishonest when responding to PR crises because the Internet doesn’t lie. Making accounts 8 hours before posting suspicious comments? And if someone within the company was in charge of saving face, they should get a stern talking-to. Duh.

Now KFC is possibly jumping on the bandwagon, or maybe this is a fake image. Either way someone came up with a decent idea to steal all the pro-gay ex-Chick-Fil-A fans. Genuine or not, at least they’re keeping up with the times.

Chick-Fil-A can’t open any new stores in Chicago, but they needn’t worry – they’ll always have one loyal customer: Sarah Palin. Barf.

[Serious Note: Recently Don Perry, head of Public Relations for Chick-Fil-A died suddenly of a heart attack. I’m not intending to make light of his death, and any part of a role he may have been playing in this, such as the Facebook scandal. Death is death and it isn’t funny (YOU MEANIE, DANE COOK).]

~ Becca Lemire

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