Don’t forget to pencil in that Circle Jerk next week, presented by Soup Can Theatre, safeword, and Aim for the Tangent Theatre. The provocative new production features four short plays written under unique constraints. Last summer, people were invited to submit original snippets of dialogue that the participating playwrights would have to use as the opening and closing lines of their new creations. After receiving almost 300 submissions, four intriguing lines were selected and assigned to the writers:

“Subtlety is not your specialty.”
“What’s Bulgarian for slut?”
“I think it’s time we talked about your filthy rituals.”
“I fucking hate potatoes.”

Writers Justin Haigh, Scott Dermody, Brandon Crone, and Wesley J. Colford took it from there. Circle Jerk: Sex. Death. Bananas. runs til November 23. Get your tickets here.