If you’ve already derailed your New Year’s resolutions to eat better, hope springs eternal to get you back on track. Dr. Jodi Larry, N.D. is launching a new 10-day cleanse program this March that will get you to where you want to be for a fresh start. 

What sets this cleanse apart is that you’ll do it in a live group setting – boosting up the accountability factor while giving you a sense that you’re not going through it alone. “The cleanse for life program gives your body a break from the overload of toxins it takes in on a daily basis,” notes Jodi. “This process allows you to adopt new healthy habits and learn about using food as medicine to nourish the whole body. Many past participants have described this program as life changing – as they are able to give up poor habits and adopt healthier ways of living.”

We asked Jodi about the program this week. 

SDTC: How can the wrong foods (sugar, excessive caffeine, processed food) affect our brains/mood?

JL: In every single way. In a nutshell, cortisol has a direct inverse effect with a feel good hormone called serotonin responsible for our mood, energy and sleep. Sugar and caffeine, as well as stress, increase cortisol in your system. The more sugar and caffeine you consume, the less serotonin you have, and this directly affects mood, energy and sleep.

Do you have any tips when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle when it comes to food choices?

Really start to look at sugar and caffeine consumption. It is the central most important change you can make for every aspect of your health.

Why does a group setting allow for better results when it comes to maintaining a healthy living plan?

Accountability is EVERYTHING! I have been doing these groups for almost 12 years now, and the group is what makes people actually commit and pull through. The cleanse is not easy – you are giving up refined sugar, coffee, alcohol, gluten and dairy for 10 days – not easy, but profoundly important to see how your body and mind feel. The transformation I get to witness in my work is profound and so meaningful.

What sets this apart from other cleanses?

In the 10-day program you will commit to giving up the above mentioned in a group setting guided by me! The camaraderie allows this to be an exciting and fun journey, which will allow your body to heal, and it will likely change your life! I really think the LIVE group setting (not online, no webinars), real-life connection is what sets this program apart.

Registration for the 10-Day Cleanse for Life Program is on now. Register here