Clip It!

Big red bows, pink Christmas trees and fluffy white snow. J’adore the holidays! The most magical time of the year is also the most glamorous with sparkling work soirees and Kris Kringle parties around every corner. And while all Vintage Vixens are busy making their lists of who is naughty and nice, they are never too busy to bring a little vintage inspired glamour into their wardrobe.

Most notably, Canadian designer Jenny Bird has recreated the iconic clip-on earring just in time for the holidays. Her designs of gold tone, round clip-on earrings in various sizes recall a time when drawing attention to a woman’s neck and face was the main focus. During the fifties and sixties, clip-on earrings came in every colour and shape and framed a woman’s face, often matching her outfit.

Today, Jenny Birds’ iconic designs have made a strong comeback along with other clip-on styles from H&M and Aldo. They can be worn both day and night, from party to party and best of all, fit in every stocking!

Jenny Bird earrings and accessories available at


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