Have you ever wanted a glimpse into the brilliant mind of a designer? This may be the closest chance you’ll get…

Come Up To My Room – one of our absolute FAVE design events – is back for their annual four-day exhibition. Here’s how it works: artists and designers take over rooms at the Gladstone Hotel and execute interior decorating like you’ve never seen before. It’s insane. Wandering through the hotel is like being transported to a bunch of different dimensions; each room is totally unique and shows off the artists’ infinite imaginations. Remember a few years back when everyone was obsessed with this Ferris Bueller-inspired room designed by Sarah Keenlyside? Well, they’re bringing it back for CUMTR 2018, because duh.

This year’s CUTMR focuses on how we interact with art and design. Is it a shared experience mediated by an artist or designer? Or is it an individual experience triggered by personal memory? Or both? Pop your head into the rooms and see what happens!

CUTMR 2018 takes place January 18-21. Get your tickets here. Check out the artist projects here.