Sometimes an email will arrive, about a Toronto happening, that upon reading, will immediately elicit a full-face smile followed by a sincere out-loud remark along the lines of “AWWW, THIS LOOKS SO CUTE!” or “OMG, this is the best!”.
What comes next is a few quiet moments of deep appreciation for the fact that we live in a city that is eclectic enough to have a thriving culture that would support said event. 
We experienced this lovely wave of emotions when we first discovered that Comic Shop Ladies Night: Galentine’s Edition is a thing that exists, and that we could attend. Heart aflutter—it was love at first sight.
Happening this Saturday at Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop (located inside the Toronto Reference Library) Comic Book Ladies Night is about celebrating the wonderful and supportive women in our lives (inclusive to all women—cisgender, transgender, gender non-conformaing and non-binary) and encourages everyone to “embrace your geeky side!”.
Expect a cozy and colourful night of discovering new comics, swapping opinions about movies, tv shows and video games while chatting and snacking with a room full of geeky gals. 
The evening also promises a nerdy photo booth, extravagant colouring table, and door prizes on the hour (everything we’ve always wanted!).
 Sharpen your pencils, bring your imagination, and wear your best “geek tie” attire—whatever that means to you. 
This is a FREE event, but organizers request that you RSVP
Saturday, February 15, 2020 from 7pm – 11pm
Page & Panel at Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street