What would you give up if it meant you could cross that bucket-list destination off your list? A new study from Contiki has revealed what we would be willing to sacrifice in order to travel. 

When asked, “What would you give up for a year in exchange for an all-expenses-paid trip anywhere in the world?” the results were (somewhat) surprising. One quarter of young Canadians would actually give up their cellphones and internet in order to travel; 61% of respondents would happily give up booze for the year; 58% would drop junk food; 55% would give up coffee(!); and a whopping 71% of Canadians aged 18-34 would happily give up dating apps if it meant they could travel for a year.

What does this all say about us? Perhaps we’re not as attached to our phones (and our vices) as we think, and seeking out novel experiences drives us. Over half (51%) of respondents noted looking for new experiences as their top deciding factor when choosing a destination. “The data suggests that Canadian youth are placing less emphasis on purchasing objects and instead investing more in experiences that they can share,” notes the summary. “While previous generations (chiefly Baby Boomers and Generation X) were prone to purchasing ‘stuff’ as status symbols, the younger generations have replaced living in the material world with living life and telling others about their experiences.”

Or, maybe, we’re just doing it for the ‘gram.