Last week, our editor-in-chief Jen McNeely was featured in this Vine video celebrating what makes her weird and wonderful. What does that mean? Well, like all of you, Jen possesses a myriad of weird and wonderful talents/hobbies that make her unique. When asked to pick three for this cute Crystal Light video, she chose the following:

Avid Vintage Doll Collector

If you’ve ever visited Shedoesthecity headquarters, you will have probably toured the infamous  “Pink Room.” What’s in there? Shelves and shelves of vintage dolls and retro Barbies that Jen has collected over the years at small town flea markets and garage sales. We might not want to  wake up here in the middle of the night to a wall of doll eyes peering down at us, but most of them are pretty cute.

Pomeranian Dog Dancer

Jen loves dancing with her Pomeranian son, Rocky. But Rocky loves dancing with Jen even more. The two of them often take breaks in the day to blare some tunes and skip around the living room. (When Jen puts on Opera, Rocky howls in unison.)

Secret Whistler

Ever since she was 7 years old, Jen has had the ability to whistle through her teeth so that no one can tell she’s whistling. She’s proud of this talent and brags how she can hit all the notes in Vivaldi’s concertos with absolute accuracy. Next time you see her, ask for a demo!

Taking these three weird and wonderful talents, Crystal Light put together a kind of puppet show on Vine. There’s even a dancing Rocky puppet!

What makes you weird and wonderful? Check out this YouTube video and celebrate your weird. And share with us on Twitter with #WeirdWonderfulYou!