If your YouTube feed could use a refresh, we suggest looking out for the Canadian women making a difference with their content. These five influential creators are working to spark significant change through their YouTube channels, each inspiring millions of viewers by sharing their expertise.

From sustainable fashion advice, to inclusive makeup routines, to sharing the experiences of Muslim women, each of these women are speaking out and driving change in their own way.


Darcei is a Toronto-based beauty guru who built a loyal community on the platform through her humour, magnetic personality and unfiltered reactions to everything from new beauty products to trending routines. As a self-proclaimed “makeup mythbuster,” she uses her platform to expose inclusion gaps in the makeup industry and beauty trends that sideline BIPOC makeup lovers. 


Nemahsis is a Palestinian Canadian singer-songwriter, who gained worldwide recognition for her music that shares her experiences as a young Muslim woman. Her debut single “What if I took it off for you,” was inspired by an experience she had shooting a global campaign for a makeup corporation. She wasn’t offered any compensation, instead being told it was “an opportunity for the people of her community.” Since then, she’s continued to create music that educates her audience on her identity and experience in society. 

With Wendy

Wendy is a talented seamstress and artist, on a lifelong adventure in sewing. Since starting her YouTube channel in 2009, she’s been showing viewers how they can make beautiful, handmade clothing out of thrifted finds, or breathe new life into existing fits with small alterations. Her creativity and talent inspire her audience to make small changes to their consumption habits, so they can pursue their love of fashion and style more sustainably.

Alyssa Beltempo 

Alyssa started her slow fashion-focused YouTube channel in 2017, with the mission to inspire Canadians to choose creativity over consumption. Her sustainable fashion videos teach viewers how to shop their own closets and offer styling hacks, so they can maximize what they already have and shop smarter. 

Alexandra Gater 

Alexandra is a home decor expert whose mission is to share how everyone deserves a beautiful home, no matter what their budget is. On her channel, she’s known for gifting home makeovers, and creates many videos tailored to renters, first-time homeowners and those with small spaces.