Jasmine Egal is a Toronto-based beauty vlogger who has amassed over 100k followers on Instagram, as well as a fiercely loyal and growing fan base on YouTube.

She’s become known for her tutorials that help people bring elevated glam looks to the everyday, but Jasmine is also celebrated for incorporating Muslim traditions and holidays into her videos. Her first Eid Makeup Series launched in 2019, and is something she takes great pleasure and pride in creating, and a series that her followers adore.

Her tips are easy to follow, providing a fun and helpful resource for makeup newbies, but Jasmine also injects her personality, adding comments like “My eye look is going to be hella extra,” as she delicately brushes her face while smiling at the camera.

We connected with the beauty influencer to find out how she got her start and why she made the decision to incorporate Muslim traditions into her YouTube beauty channel.

How did you first learn about makeup and skincare? 

I started learning about skincare and makeup from my mom. She is very serious about her skincare, and I always watched her—she always looked flawless. She’s more of a ‘no makeup makeup’ type of girl, and I’m a little on the extra side, with my love for a full-glam look. 

How did you go from being someone who enjoyed experimenting with makeup, to sharing your passion publicly?

I started watching YouTube tutorials to learn what worked best for my face. My passion for makeup grew as I continued to experiment more. One day, I just decided to make my Instagram profile public, and share my passion for makeup online. I remember receiving a notification on my Instagram, while I was in a lecture at school, that Fenty Beauty reposted me. It was then that I thought maybe I’m on to something. It gave me the added confidence to try being a content creator after I graduated.

What made you make the leap to YouTube?

It was really a push from my followers, to be honest. Although I would spend so much of my own time watching YouTube videos, I was nervous to get in front of the camera and film. But my followers on Instagram would always ask for me to share how I achieved my makeup looks. At first, I would post short tutorials on Instagram, but my followers felt that the one-minute videos were too fast to follow along, and asked me to talk through the steps. They were really the push I needed to get over my fear of filming and give YouTube a try. I’m so glad I did, because I absolutely love filming now, and I feel like I have my own online family, where we can get glam together and catch up.

What has been your most popular video to date?

The tutorial review on Huda Beauty’s Mercury Retrograde palette. I was finally more comfortable with filming and starting to share more of my personality. But I also think it became popular because I went all out trying to match the theme of that palette launch. My nails, top, and even my hijab… everything was colour coordinated to match the futuristic theme Huda had going on at the time.

Can you talk about the decision to incorporate Muslim traditions and holidays into your videos?

It’s super important to me. When you make the decision to put yourself out there as an influencer, you should be sharing your true authentic self, and for me religion plays a huge role in my life. It was natural for me to share that in my videos, and also because representation is so important. As a hijabi content creator, I always knew that I wanted my religious values to shine through my content, where it could, like sharing my Eid makeup looks. Eid has been my favourite time of the year since I was a child. I still get so excited till this day, and wake up so early on the morning of Eid because I want to enjoy every minute of it with my family. I love being able to share those moments with my online family as well. 

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Filming is therapeutic for me. I love hitting record and not knowing what makeup look I’ll be going for that day… I always wing it. Getting creative and talking to my followers always fulfills me. Also, being able to work with brands that I’ve been loving and supporting for years is surreal.

What feedback have you received from fans that has really stuck with you… maybe motivated you to keep doing what you’re doing?

Reading comments or messages from my followers saying they feel inspired by my content, or that they learned how to apply makeup from my videos, always keeps me motivated. I always try to explain what I’m doing in my videos in a way that even someone who is just starting to wear makeup can follow along. To see that they find my videos helpful makes me so happy and super grateful.

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