One moment of my career I will never forget: A consultant who came to support my team at work told me she would take a task off my plate and I didn’t need to worry anymore. I said, “Thank God. Here I was coming to work with fifty crystals in my bra, trying to manage my energy.” She told me that was the funniest thing she’s EVER heard in my office.

In general, I’m a fan of exploring metaphysical tools. I love tarot cards, astrology and journaling, and while I believe none of these practices are inherently right or “a sham,” I do think that some of them work and some just don’t. Getting to know them is an art, a creative practice. And, of course, one person’s woo woo ritual is another person’s literal portal to relief.

Crystals though. Crystals help me set intentions and keep those intentions top of mind. They’re small treasures that emit light and shine and remind me that, oh yeah, I set an intention to support my wellbeing, and I have the support to do so. Crystals can remind us that we’re one with the Earth. When we have one around, we’re a little bit closer to it. Here are some ways I incorporate them into my routine:

Keep one in my bag when I go out. For this, I love black obsidian. This crystal is a psychic protection stone, meaning it helps shield negativity. I like to imagine it enforcing an energetic boundary around me when I’m in public spaces.

Sleep with one under my pillow. I sleep with rose quartz under my pillow every night. This is a stone of unconditional love. I use it to bring healthy self-image thoughts into my sleep. Like, in a deep programming kind of way.

Hold one to my heart while I meditate. For this, I love rose quartz. Sometimes I’ll lie down with one on my third eye (the chakra of intuition–fluorite is one for this) or my solar plexus (the chakra of confidence–pyrite is ideal for this). Meditation with a crystal in a focused area helps me focus my awareness. (Peep some of my favourite guided meditation YouTube channels for beginners or even non-beginners!)

Bathe with them. Along with epsom salts and essential oils, this ritual is a bad-mood fixer if ever there was one. I put some rose quartz in the bath and soak for an extra long time and imagine the vapour is ridding me of the day.

Cleanse with crystal water. This crystal beauty water recipe and morning ritual from Energy Muse is beautiful. Put the crystals of your choice in a mason jar with filtered water and set it in direct sunlight at sunrise or under a full moon to capture the energy from it. I’ve used crystal water to wash my face/brush my teeth in the morning when I’ve wanted to inject a little more pure life force into my morning routine.