by Elli Stuhler

Daniella Bosco is the owner of Chasse Gardee, a beautiful Queen West boutique that stocks the most covetable shoes and accessories known to man. Stop by for a mimosa and walk out with a pair of heels you’ll want to display in your house like art. We talked to Daniella about her beautiful space, and her beautiful shoes.

Tell me a little about how the décor of your shop compliments what you’re selling.
What I decided is I wanted this to be a comfortable place. I think that the product and the space are both relaxing and pretty to look at.

What’s your favourite piece in the store right now?
My peach Oxfords [by Dieppa Restrepo]. I wear them to death.

What’s the best part about owning this boutique?
Waking up every day and going to something that is mine, and honestly all the interesting people that come through the door.

If you could, would you transport this store to a different city?
Nope. It would be nice to have another shop in Barcelona though.

Because I really love Toronto. I love New York, I love London, I love Berliln, but I love Toronto, and I think that there’s a lot of talent here. There’s not the population and we don’t neccessarily have the funding for the arts, but I think that there’s a lot of creativity here that we under estimate.

Why does this boutique belong on Queen Street?

Because personally for me, selfishly, there’s nowhere else in the city I’d want to be. For me I like the people you get to interact with on Queen. It’s a little bit of everything and I like that.